An Introduction To Cisco Router And Phone System Services

Cisco Router

If in simple words we describe then routers are basically one kind of PC which have similar components like the Pc. Apart from motherboard, RAM and operating systems the only thing which differs router from pc is its controlling or routing traffic among computer networks. In other words we can describe routers functionalities are the smart network devices.

Cisco Router

Cisco router is the perfect example to describe the advantages of router systems. CPU works in the same manner as it works for a PC. There are few major internal components of a Cisco router such as CPU, RAM, NVRAM, Flash, ROM, Console and interfaces. CPU is working as same as it does with PC, It only executes any command which is given by an operating system. For Cisco routers multiple processors you can add more CPUs at the time of need.


The RAM’s functionalities are used to hold the ARP cache, store routing tables, buffer information packets and it also holds queues. When you switch on the unit power, RAM utilizes its temporary memory for configuration router but at the next moment it loses contents when you power off or even restart the unit. The NVRAM works just opposite of the RAM, it holds your configuration files from the starting point and won’t lose any files if the unit power is turn off or restart due to any disturbances.

In Cisco router flash memory is the most important part which holds the IOS image file and all the backups. In flash memory everything is saved and kept within secure places, whether if you mess some important aspects you can still get back at Cisco router. Flash ROM can be easily upgraded at Cisco routers.

With the help of ROM you can hold all your information regarding hardware components and this aspect can be upgraded only by installing a new chip. By removing the old chip and installing the new one you will get new version of IOS due to the up gradation of ROM.

The console is like a physical plug where jacks are located on the router. Main aim of the console is to access the post for your configurations. Here the interfaces provide same connection areas like LAN, WAN and Console. You can use higher end Cisco router models to configure various ways on interface side. At various IT infrastructure services a Cisco router can use arrangements with transceivers and onboard interfaces.

Cisco phone system is known for their expertise services in particular fields as the Cisco routers. Cisco phone systems are actively working on VoIP solutions as similar as the traditional phone system. The main difference between traditional phone systems and Cisco phone system is the cost.

The online phone systems are cheaper than the regular communication systems. The charges are only for the fraction of the cost and it benefits to track and identify the calls. Along with rendering online telephonic service, it assists in logging and tracking the phone calls.

Cisco Phone System

Cisco phone system has many advantages, besides facilitating international calls; they also work as caller ID to track the calls. It also helps to organize video conferencing for professional as well as personal easy communications. Nowadays there are advance technologies are utilizing for providing hassle free strategic communications around the world with new improved Cisco phone system services.

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