1001 Nights Restaurant -The Original House of Shish Kebab

1001 Nights Restaurant -The Original House of Shish Kebab

Restaurants in Brooklyn are famous for their high quality food and fantastic service. Many of these eating establishments are well known for their uniqueness of the recipes and an original ethnic touch. One such house of shish kabob is 1001 Nights Restaurant. It offers authentic Middle Eastern food and considered as best restaurant Brooklyn.


It has an array of wonderful dishes to satisfy the palate. The visitors get to enjoy the tasty samsa from the hot tandoor, lamb shish kebab and fresh seafood. It is also famous for serving the best grilled fish amongst the food lovers. The world famous Chef keeps his customers happy with his exceptional culinary surprises and blends exotic Uzbek dishes and continental recipes with finesse that is hardly seen anywhere else. The food is a definite plus for this shish kebab restaurant.


Apart from the delectable versions of lamb shish kebabs the 1001 Nights Restaurant serves an assortment of exotic delicacies to satisfy the palate of its customers. There are exotic soups, hot and cold appetizers with side dishes and complete traditional menu and simple beverage. The Middle Eastern food is healthy and uses only fresh and low calorie things for cooking. Most dishes are grilled or baked and those that need oil are cooked in the healthy beneficial olive oil. So the food here is equally enjoyed by the health conscious customers.

People find a great joy in sitting back relaxed and enjoying hookah while being entertained by beautiful hip swaying belly dancers. These party nights are particularly popular. There are also karaoke nights and live music. The best restaurant Brooklyn also plays host to party and events like birthdays and anniversary celebrations. Festivities like Bar Mitzvah are also conducted in the 14th century themed ambiance. 1001 Nights is also open for club party and brunches. The website of this house of shish kabob lists the entire menu and the visitors can also preorder the food or book reservations online.

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